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katrina kaif

katrina kaif
Name : katrina kaif
Gender : Actress
Height : 5' 8" (1.73 m)
Born on : Jul 16, 1984
Age : 39
Born in :  Hong Kong
Acting in : Hindi

Biography : Katrina Kaif is one of eight siblings, 7 girls and 1 boy, from a mother who is a Caucasian of British Nationality, and a father who was formerly from Kashmir, India, but who has since acquired British citizenship. Her mother is now re-settled in Chennai (formerly known as Madras), the Capital of the state of Tamil Nadu in India. She spent subsequent years in Hawaii, and then in London, Britain, She started modeling accidentally when she was in Hawaii at the tender age of 14, when she was approached for a jewelry campaign. Thereafter she continued modeling in London. Continuing to model was the reason she got her break in a Bollywood movie Boom (2003) offered by none other than film-maker Kaizad Gustad. She was flooded with modeling assignments the minute she set her foot on Indian soil, especially with her innocent expressive face, hour-glass figure, and drop-dead gorgeous looks. Professionally she started off as a model with photographer Atul Kasbekar, and upon being accepted, she r ... Read more

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Her favorite TV shows are Suits (2011), Wolf Hall (2015), Peaky Blinders (2013), Girls (2012), Game of Thrones (2011) and House of Cards (2013).
Appeared in a music video by Nitin Bali from the album "Baliwood". This was in 2004.
Katrina Kaif's brother, Sebastien (Michael) Turcotte is a Bespoke Furniture Maker. He blogs his creativity online.
Sister of Adult film actress Christine Turner aka Cindy Taylor aka Christine Turcotte aka Christine Duran aka Christine Raphael Spencer. Christine is elder to Katrina Kaif and worked with Terry Stephens (One Eyed Jack) production company in 2001. The movie's name was "Backdoor Raider" and co starred Omar. Christine and Katrina have different father's. Christine's father's name is Jean Louis Duran.
Her father's name is not Mohammed Kaif. That story was given to the media when she was signed for Boom. It was made up so she could find acceptance with the Indian audience. The name Kaif was given to her by director Kaizad Gustad and Ayesha Shroff. They were opting for the name Katrina Kazi but felt it sounded to religious. She was given Kaif because cricketer Kaif was very famous in 2002.
Step father is Jesse Joesph Tincher. Her mother Suzanne has recently remarried.