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K. Vishwanath

K. Vishwanath
Name : K. Vishwanath
Birth Name : Kasinadhuni Viswanath
Gender : Film director
Born on : Feb 19, 1930
Died : 02-02-23
Born in : Repalle of Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh
Acting in : Telugu

Biography : Kasinadhuni Viswanath was born on 19 February 1930 in Repalle of Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh.[26] His parents are Kasinadhuni Subramanyam and Kasinadhuni Saraswathy (Saraswathamma) and his ancestral roots come from Pedapulivarru, Andhra Pradesh, a small village on the banks of River Krishna.[27][28] Kasinadhuni is his family name, Viswanath is his given name. Viswanath studied Intermediate from Guntur Hindu College, and holds a BSc degree from Andhra Christian College of Andhra University.[29] He began his career as a sound recordist at Vauhini Studios in Madras, where his father was an associate. There, he apprenticed under the guidance of A Krishnan, who was the Head of Sound Engineering at Vauhini. Viswanath and A Krishnan developed a close rapport and later after the former made the transition into film direction, he would always bounce ideas off the latter. Viswanath made his entry into film direction at Annapurna Pictures under Adurthi Subba Rao and K. Ramnoth.[30][31] He wished to work as an assistant to director K. Balachander and Bapu.[29]